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  1. Teaser Screencaps on Team Katniss and Analysis -  

    [...] sure to check out the Katniss Gallery over at Team Katniss for screencaps of the [...]

    29, August 2011, 9:55am  -  Reply →
  2. Team Katniss - New Photo of Katniss Hunting -  

    [...] Katniss [...]

    08, November 2011, 11:51am  -  Reply →
  3. Team Katniss - Katniss Outtakes from Entertainment Weekly -  

    [...] Katniss [...]

    29, December 2011, 11:59pm  -  Reply →
  4. Team Katniss - The World of The Hunger Games Cover -  

    [...] Katniss [...]

    09, January 2012, 2:01pm  -  Reply →
    • Danika -  

      I hope you enjoyed the movie! I’ve read the seeris repeatedly but I never got a chance to go see the movie since it’s probably not appropriate for the kiddos. I will be the crazy beating on Target’s doors the day it comes out on DVD. ;) Pulled pork is one of my favs but I get so stuck on bbq pulled pork that I never branch out. I wanna make this soon!

      15, December 2012, 12:54am  -  Reply →
  5. Team Katniss - Katniss at the Reaping -  

    [...] Katniss [...]

    23, January 2012, 3:26pm  -  Reply →
  6. Team Katniss - Katniss on the Cover of Entertainment Weekly -  

    [...] Katniss [...]

    29, February 2012, 7:48pm  -  Reply →
  7. shawnnie -  

    i luv katniss with all of myi heart i got all 3 of the books nd i knt wait 4 the other 1s cum out
    #hyped4:05indamornindoinahhungergamesproject. <3

    05, April 2012, 2:06am  -  Reply →
  8. katniss little sisy twinny -  

    twinny hugs katniss :) your the best big sisy i watch your hunger games movie and you won the hungers im so proud you big sis *gives you a mockingjay pendant and mockingjay bracelet* those presents are for you my big sisy i hope to talk to you soon hugs sisy love you hugs from you little sisy Annabeth

    02, November 2012, 8:12pm  -  Reply →
    • Sam -  

      Hey!!! That’s your opinion!!! Mention it once then move on! Go tell it to some of the pepole you think care about what you say!!! The movie was good and followed the book very well!! And second of all, who do you think you are???? Don’t go dissing Jennifer!!! She did an amazing job as Katniss, she is a true role model!!! I honestly have no idea who you think could play Katniss (other than Jennifer) but let me tell you now, you would be dead wrong!!! Jennifer Lawrence is and will always be the AMAZING heroine Katniss Everdeen!!!

      13, December 2012, 9:30am  -  Reply →
    • Faisal -  

      Thank you! I almost alawys sketch out what I’m cooking, just to organize my head a little bit it helps to have a completed vision to aim for. I loved your post today, Happy Purim! I hope you’re eating lots of hamantaschen!

      13, December 2012, 7:58pm  -  Reply →
  9. kwynn -  

    i hate how in the movies when someone dies or something happens like peeta strangles katniss, how everyone in the movie theater gasps and makes lots of noises when something like that happens and im like yeah it happened READ THE BOOKS FOR ONCE! and i hate it when ppl say team peeta or team gale, i mean there were no teams and gale and her were like love each other like brother and sister, and cant stand when ppl say oh, i wish that jennifer and josh would date, they would be the perfect couple, bcs they would not! first of all, they are like brother and sister get along and joke around not like dating and it would ruin the whole movie series and would just be awful! not a hater, just tryin to get everyone to realize the main points!

    28, June 2015, 4:00pm  -  Reply →

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